Experience the captivating essence of the East with Chef Heather Jansz, also known as The Curry Diva. Her lifelong aspiration has been to share the exotic and tropical spices, flavors, and tastes of the East with the world. From a young age, Heather discovered the enchanting power of spices, which not only stimulate the senses but also possess the ability to heal the body, mind, and spirit, while satisfying the soul.

"She’s an ageless goddess of positive energy, glowing from within. She's spent decades working with healthful Sri Lankan cooking, her clear skin and vigorous energies putting truth to the health benefits of fresh turmeric and curry leaves." -Mecca Bos, City Pages

Curry Diva in the News:

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Catch Heather for take-out meals on Saturdays at her famous Curry Pop Up.

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Our Mission

The Curry Diva brings the flavors of  Sri Lanka to the rest of the world. We show how the exotic and tropical flavors and aromatic spices can be used to excite and enliven the favorite foods of the West.