About Heather Jansz

Heather grew up in the tropics of Sri Lanka.

As a young girl, Heather helped the women of the family grind and blend spices taking in the intoxicating and perfumed air. Heather dreamed of bringing the exotic spices and tropical flavors and tastes to the rest of the world.

In the early '70s, Heather moved to Minneapolis with the desire to bring the fresh, exotic flavors that she knew so well to Minnesotans. Heather opened the award-winning Sri Lanka Curry House Restaurant, and later, the Curry Leaf Deli in St. Paul. Though advised against serving such exotic fare, I learned that Minnesotans were open to experiencing her exotic fare. Heather has prepared thousands of meals and served them to truly satisfied customers. She has also co-authored a cookbook, Fire and Spice: The Cuisine of Sri Lanka. Second cookbook in the making.

And now Heather would like to delight you. Imagine your guests' pleasure as they smell sweet tropical curries and freshly ground spices, and see deep colors and  beautiful displays of food on your tables. Whether it's your next catered event, a dinner party in your home, or a cooking lesson, you'll experience perfectly balanced flavors and textures. Each event is customized for you; meat or vegetatian, multi-course meal or simple appetizers, small lesson or large-group, hands-on or demonstration.

Food is Magic!!

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