Allow us to cater to your senses.

For your next catered event, a dinner party in your home, your wedding, a private cooking lesson, or your corporate luncheon, experience the perfectly balanced tropical spices, flavors and textures of our meals.

Imagine your guests' pleasure as they smell sweet curry and freshly ground spices, and see the rich and tropical colors and beautiful displays of food on your tables. Don't just satisfy your appetite...take in the smells and sensual colours, arouse your taste buds and feed your senses. Satisfy your soul.

Choose from our menus or allow us create a menu for you. Each event can be customized for you We specialize  in American Fusion, Indian and Sri Lankan, as well as Malaysian or Thai, whether it is for a private lesson or a large gathering.

Feed the body, nourish the soul.

Treat yourself to a truly satisfying meal.

This is fun, Heather will come and prepare a meal at your home, with you or for you, so you can have healthy, balanced, flavoursome, impressive meals in your home for your friends and family

Or just free up your time and allow us to prepare some delightful meals for you.

For more catering information, e-mail Heather at [email protected]