Design a perfect gathering of friends, co-workers or relatives. Invite them to your home for small, intimate group class.

Heather will create a flavorsome feast and leave you and your guests to feast and have fun.

Classes vary in price depending on the number of people and your needs. I can certainly work with your budget but I try to have a a minimum of 500 dollars for a class of 4 to 8 people which includes all the groceries and my time for shopping and my time while I am at your place. Classes can range from two people to as many as you like.

It may be fun for you to invite a few more people and make it a bigger gathering and share the expense.

The class will usually run about 2 hours - and everyone is really happy because I will be teaching you all the tricks of activation using spices and balance of the body through food.

These classes can be "hands on" or purely demonstration.

In truth, we hang out drink wine, eat and be merry and spicy!!!


For more information and pricing on classes, please e-mail Heather at [email protected].